Arşivleri aziz kerim novomatika slot makineleri Minggu Abisatya

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Oyunlara ve novomatika slot makineleri ligi bahislerine. Rusya’daki bahisçide en büyük kazanç. Bahisçilerde kesin bahislerde ne kadar kazanabilirsiniz. Para çekmeyin 1xbet operatörün yanıtını bekleme süresi doldu. Futbolda en çok yürünen bahis. Slotları çevrimiçi oyna çılgın maymun. Ücretsiz çevrimiçi en iyi slotlar.

Çevrimiçi kumarhane novomatika ! -infosite

Kayıt olmadan kumarhane makineleri oynamak. Yeni başlayanlar için internette spor bahisleri nasıl yapılır. Bir kumarhanede gerçek novomatika slot makineleri oynamak. Spakes android için phonbet indir. Bahisçiyle oyunlar için strateji..

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    • Ok. No hard feelings. Go watch stuff you enjoy. Sorry you dont like my videos. Its all good.

  1. Triple Fortune Dragon is the most popular slot machine where I live WA state. It’s everywhere out here. Great game

  2. If you liked this game, wait until you play Triple Fortune Dragon Unleashed, lol. Bonus symbols just need to LAND, dont have to be consecutive from left to right.

    And in the bonus round, two dragon symbols (on 2 and 4) retrigger 5 free spins even if they dont complete a line hit. And they also multiply x3 for both. Come to WA and try them out sometime! Were overloaded with different versions of this game

    • I have been hearing a lot of this and cant wait to find this game now!!

  3. Welcome to the World of Triple Fortune Dragon! Its huge in the northwest.
    Triple Fortune Dragon Unleashed is a heavy hitter.

  4. My wife and I love your videos you should play the unleashed version. To get the free spins the dragon and or coins can be in any line doesnt have to be consecutive.

  5. On that size of a bet the biggest bonus you can get is $67,000.00. Triple fortune dragon is my favorite game. Triple Fortune Dragon Unleashed is a great game as well.

  6. Hi love your channel by the way where did you find the slot been looking for it in Vegas and couldn’t find it any help poease

    • @Lady Luck HQ awesome thanks will b there in August hope I run good

    • This is at the Cosmo in the high limit room… in the middle… the machines have multiple games to select from… most the time they are on cleo.

  7. The 5 coin bonus is the max payout in a certain pattern. I have had that once and my sister got it twice on a $5 bet for $6823

  8. During free game with 2 dragons will become 9x . Big win with that .

  9. Triple fortune spitfire is pretty’s awesome as well, I love playing that one and the one you are on!

    • Find unleash triple dragon that one is better!!! The bonus dont need to line up…

    • On spitfire , when you hit the free spins the dragon goes up to x7 instead of just X3 it keeps going up as long as you hit a dragon in a combination. So I can only imagine what you guys can win . Since you guys bet high. They are both good games. It’s just easier to get the 15 spins on the regular TFD

    • Everyone keeps saying that… now I need to find them

  10. I have been looking for triple fortune dragon slots here in Vegas with no luck, where are you playing? It’s my favorite

    • This is in the high limit room at the Cosmo in Las Vegas — there are several games selections where TFD is an option but you need to look— but this game is there.

  11. Oh snap! You played one of my favorite games to watch. Awesome run 🎉🎉 potential on this game is Huge!

    • Thats why it blew up in WA state specifically, the bonuses are massive and the game is very simple compared to the glamour of all the newer games.

  12. Finally can see a glimpse of your hubby from the reflection panels. Lol

  13. What a nice change from link games or the wiggle-butts! I guess the game has weird paying lines because its a ways game, which I think all the like symbols pay as long as they appear on adjacent reels ( Im thinking though, not sure).

  14. What a run.. WoW!!!
    A freaking unsure menu decision, and then $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Couldnt help from grinning.
    Great job you two…

  15. Well done you two, what a great game
    Mind how you go

  16. First time seeing this game, great win! Love the maskless look as well. Life is good!

  17. I am assuming that you guys stay in compd rooms and suites at Cosmopolitian becuase that is where you guys play? I know you used to play and stay at Wynn before switching to Cosmo. I subscribed a to your channel about 2 years ago when you were playing at Wynn. Do you guys ever stay(not compd) in Suites at different Las Vegas hotels for a different experience? Palazzo, Skylofts, Waldorf Astoria, Four Seasons, Ceasars Palace/Nobu, Aria, Mirage(Lanai Suites)and Virgin hotels have some really nice Suites/Villas. Palazzo has a video of their Presidential Suite which is available here on Youtube.. its not as big or as expensive as the Villas @ Palazzo but the Furnishing are nicer then most other PS in town. Mirage Lanai suites(video of one is here on Youtube)are also *really* nice for a reasonable($1400) price. Anyways.. I was just curious if you get tired of staying in the same suite at Cosmo and want to branch out once in a while and try other hotels. 🙄🙄

    • I just watched your room tour videos of the 3 story bungalow suite and the Presidential suite at Cosmopolitain. The Suites are nicer then I thought they would be in terms of quality of furnishings, woodwork, fabrics, lighting, etc. I guess after seeing so many regular terrace suite and smaller bungalow videos at Cosmo that the suites werent as nice as other properties but the 3 story bjngalow and Presidental suite are definately much nicer quality suites. 🙄🙄

  18. Ive seen other YouTube slot channels play this game and they did really good on it like u guys did so theres other versions of this game.

  19. I still cant believe you guys never played TDF!!??! I was always so curious why i have never seen any gameplay of it on your channel till now of course. Definitely play the unleashed version please!!! its hands down 10x better then this version (the original version) this is like forsure one of the most popular & most top played/most top jackpots on this game here in Washington state!! The max bet is only $20 on the unleashed one here

  20. i search for this slot machine on the internet. im gonna look for it again. nice content. thanks for sharing.

  21. 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹💐💐💐💙💙💙💙💙

    • @Lady Luck HQ good morning

  22. The verdicts in… have the looks and hubbys got the brains

  23. Hmmmm that Triple Dragon Fortune was such a quiet and subdued game. I just couldnt believe your incredible hits!! Keep winning! 😃 thanks for checking out all of these games.👏

  24. In the last week I hit two jackpots that were over $9k. One was kn a $8.75 bet and tge other was on a $20 bet. I hit so many jackpots this month. On Firelink the other day I got three majors in one bonus for over $5k on a $5 bet. My luck has been like yours. It has been awesome.

  25. Yep the Girls and the Guys pay the most with 2 dragons. The two dragons are only on 2nd and 4th reels.. The Biggest Jackpot I have ever seen on the regular Triple is on a $20 bet they won $27,000

    • I really like this game — happy I found it — finally =)

  26. TFD is huge in Washington state. So excited to see you play this… Congratulations 👏🎉👏

  27. Awesome videos thanks for the great entertainment! Much funner way to lose a million dollars!

  28. Kitty Glitter has been tough but also this game is harsh. I am glad that you got the hand pays.

  29. I once accidentally played 20 dollars on this game and got e bonus. Win over 2600

    • Great outcome for a machine you were not familiar with. Congratulations 🎈🎉🍾🎊 you guys rock.

    • We watch your YouTube channel and learned enough to start our own. Now we see you are on Facebook, TikTok and other platforms and we want to diversify just like you. We are looking forward to your how to videos.

  30. Look for triple fortune dragon unleashed big money. Triple fortune dragon is my favorite game and very popular in WA

  31. Great job lady luck HQ and hubby you guys are great together ❤ support each other its so nice to hear the 👊 pumps love it dave London ontario Canada 🇨🇦 hopefully we are reopening a little this week Im still working thank goodness 😊

    • @Lady Luck HQ thank you lady luck hopefully this time its for good 👍😊

    • Omg so happy to hear you are opening ❤ finally 🙌❤

  32. I play triple dragon fortune and this has never happened to me. Lol

  33. can someone explain the reason for handpay? whats the difference between 1000 and 1300 bucks in terms of a win?

  34. Awesome session. Congratulations on your handpays😊👏👏👏

  35. I have a cat in my house His name is Heyman hes my shadow. Way to go take it all

    • It is fun — crazy I have never played it up to this point…

  36. Fantastic session..really cool game. Have a happy weekend.🍀🍀☠💀☠

  37. GQS plays that a lot. Huge potential. Havent seen at any casinos Ive been to tho

  38. Nice choice hubby was going pick different game? Congratulations 🤑🤑🙏keep on spinning and hopefully winning.💙😎

  39. Love the kitty glitter! We played this in cosmo and got a Bonus with a Retrigger!!! Very first ever! Congratulations on your wins!!!

  40. Love the all ways pays. Those games can get very interesting.

  41. lucky that wearing mask on public no longer applied. cool jp… ta tara tam

  42. 🎂🙏🏼🇯🇲🎊🎉hi my birthday 🥳 is June 26 I🙏🏼

  43. Thank you for playing this Triple Dragon LadyLuckHQ thats my grandmas favorite slot machine love you guys <3

    • I like this game… now I need to find the new versions

  44. Oh boy, come to WA State, this game is loaded everywhere in every casino in like 4 different versions. You played the original. It is by far the most popular game up here. I believe IGT made the 3 new versions specifically for the WA state market because this game was so fire.
    I have only seen one in Vegas sitting by itself at the Mirage. Where was this multigame slot at?

    • This was at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas in their high limit room

  45. The dragon only shows up on 2 and 4, this version of Hank is the best, the girl is 2nd and the green pots and fans are next in line. I cant believe you guys have never played this game before! Its on of my locals busiest games! But to get a bonus right after a bonus is rare! They also have a bunch of different versions of this game now too. You guys should try them out, when theyre paying good, they pay GOOD!

  46. Finally out of You Tube Jail…lol Something was wrong with my computer I couldnt type on here. Triple Fortune Dragon is my favorite game and it is everywhere in Washington State. A few weeks ago I sat down at a Triple Fortune Dragon Machine when I just got to the casino on my first spin got 5 coin Jackpot for $3411..

  47. This is the original there unleashed and like three others they all win big

  48. Hey guys kitty glitter is so tough you made the right move to get off I’ve chase that machine plenty of times never got the Bonus

  49. Wow that was awesome you two! Congrats 🍾🎈 and continued luck 👏👏

  50. 243,512, or 1024 line games basically dont have pay lines. All you need are 3 or more symbols to appear left to right.

    • @Lady Luck HQ theyre pretty fun. I like them better because sometimes much disappointment on standard line games, where those are simply get the symbols lol

  51. I won so many jackpots on triple dragon wait till you get the retrigger with 2 of the dragons

    • @Lady Luck HQ Ill be there in August cant wait me and my wife loves your videos have a great day Vegas Baby! I had no luck at my Seminole hard rock this weekend lol 😂🤞

  52. Seriously the only game played in Washington. Especially Triple Fortune Dragon Unleashed. So many of them and they pay so well

  53. Thanks for sharing the new to you game and hanging in on the same machine! Nice return!,

  54. I love watching these videos where you are playing machines that are outside of the usual!

  55. Wowww super 👌 ❤ 😍 ♥ 👏 Lady Luck Win Win Win mucha vibration 📳 💪 mucha suerte yeah a ganar el grsnde jackpot

  56. You’re so funny! You were confused by the line hits but on the side of the game it says 243 ways to win lol 🙂 congrats!

    • @Lady Luck HQThey are hard to keep up with when it’s so many. Sometimes I go to the menu for a quick look for fun 😂 but even then there’s no way I’ll memorize that!

    • Yea but I still dont know what lines are lining up 🤣🤣

  57. 👍 nice play🦊woods player in ct🎰🎰🙀🙀🙀good luck ll🍀🐉

  58. hi guys here in Montreal no date yet for the casino open so I’m letting you know guys


    • @Lady Luck HQ IKR , couldnt help but say it!! Thank you for the great content, its alot of money and time you put into them for us!! Money is 1 thing, but your time is worth much more!! Thank you

  60. These are the unofficial, official game of Washington State. They are everywhere, come if different varieties, Unleashed is probably the most popular. There is a clone that is called Golden Rooster that is just as popular. To let you know the potential of the game, you could win over $67K on a $50 dollar bet. You had some OK bonuses, but nothing what the game can really pay. I was playing the Unleashed version and I hit the best spin on the machine, not a bonus, just a spin, it is mostly Emperors (best symbol) on a $7.50 bet, it paid almost $5k. Great to see you play this game, you should try it more often and if you see the other versions or Rooster, try them as well, or just come to Washington State 🙂

  61. paying 243 ways means any 5 landing on any reels pays

  62. It says 243 ways so from left to right. No specific lines. Just like Indian Dreaming slots.

  63. Awesome run, congratulations! As you can tell, Triple Fortune Dragon is usually better than Kitty Glitter

  64. Love this catching up on your channel & binge watching 👀👍you got my thumbs up LLHQ keep on winning!!

  65. Need to play the new ones unleashed an spitfire both triple dragon games the unleashed is the best

    • @Lady Luck HQ a lady win 31k off a 3.75 bet on the unleashed last week at our local casino kinda crazy 🤪

  66. These are my favourite type of games I play at the casino. Huge wins and love potential of wins 🎉🥳💰😉❤️🍀🍀🍀

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