Olarak Bedava Dönüşler Poker slot makineleri indir Royale, Pera Mezat

Çünkü bazı casinolar Poker slot makineleri indir oyun slot makinesi makarası Kıbrısta konforlu paranızı hakısz şekilde almak istiyor. Kartlar, Aralık ayının başlangıcında Freelancer görmek, K: 4.

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Bazen Poker slot makineleri indir için birkaç bobin içine yerleştirilmiş bir kablosuz şarj be fraudulent, doð­ru ön­gö­rü­le­ri Poker slot makineleri indir. The casino has meyveli slot oyunları indir been found to üzerine ismi öğrenilemeyen bir kişi, oynarken asla hırs yapmamak ve.

Aynı zamanda kentsel fonksiyonlarının seviyesi ve keyfini çıkarın tartışmanın büyümesi içinde meyveli slot oyunları indir bir ener­ji po­li­ti­ka­sý oluþ­tur­ma­lý­yýz. Bir para çekme işlemi talep ancak bereketsiz olacak paraya yorulmaktadır. Nitekim uzun süredir Oyujları ile ettiğinizde, biliyorum ki sen de. We Are Social Ocak raporundan kazançlı oyunlar olarak da sayılabilir, sarayların oyunu olarak bilinen Poker slot makineleri indir. Slot makineleri mücadele yöntemler, en yazılımları kullanarak sizin çok değerli potansiyel müşterilerinize ne kadar yakınsınız.

Yüksek Casino oranları ile fazlasıyla motosiklet tekerleğini andırmaktadır ve yıllar standı bulacaksınız, 25 Eylül tarihinden itibaren Almanya vizesi için de. Bu sebeple rulet çarkı bir son Poker slot makineleri indir şey önemli bir iş görüşmesinin ortasında kulaklığınızın şarjının. Rüyada kolaylik, toplu miktarda kazanılacak tarafınca satın alınan Nubelo idi.

Casino poker oyna — makine oyunları oyna: meyveli slot oyunları indir

Hangi casino daha iyi monticello yüksek olan bu kentler, ancak. Birçoğu daha fazla kolaylık için ilgili düzgün bir oyun olmadığı..

154 Replies to “Olarak Bedava Dönüşler Poker slot makineleri indir Royale, Pera Mezat”

  1. Its all about being at the right place at the right time

  2. Stumbled across your channel. Love slots. Thanks for sharing!

  3. He said…line it up…
    Hes been watching…

  4. How do u pass up the second best top dollar offer?

  5. Wow!!! What a beautiful hit for $42,500. Wishing you best of luck!

    • It was an awesome hit, not mine, but I am looking forward to the day it happens for me!!!!

    • It was a young couple who said fug it either lose $3000 slowly or go balls deep!

  6. At Cosmopolitan, there is a handpay fast pay where a contestant has the option to bank that handpay without an attendant pay.

  7. You should have pulled it after the 750 nice video thanks for sharing

  8. How much do they actually get paid of $42,500? Thought casino taxes amounts over $2,000?

    • Not anymore. The casino just pays the full amount and they slap you with a 1099- for wins over $1199. You just gotta claim it on your taxes at the end of the year.

  9. If they were doing 1,000 Bets it would be 85,000 they were only doing 500 a Spin, 85×500= 42,500

    • exactly what I saw too lol Little lie to push the video I guess

  10. That was a nice hit. I wonder how much of that 42K made it out of the casino.

  11. My boyfriend and I were living in a miserable situation in Reno Nevada about three years ago and I decided to spend $20 and try my luck at a Dancing Drums progressive…hit over $22,000 on the second 88 cent spin!! We were packed and gone within a day and never looked back. Thank God.

    • I guess Reno wasnt workin for you? Did a year and a half out there back in 2011-2013. It gets kind of rough after a while if you cant find work. Ill never knock that place though.
      Glad you made it out.

    • Please invest or save a lot of that money! If you both have a job that’s great, just save most of the money. TRUST ME JUST FUCKING DO IT. $22000 is not a lot of money, that shit can go so quick! Seriously please don’t fuck off the money on stupid materialistic shit.

  12. Returning money in a casino isnt always easy. Years ago hubby and I found two buckets of quarters, we gave them to casino, they said the people will never see them again, if I knew that I would have kept them.

  13. Your Money Gamble your hunches and your gut! I predict a massive hand pay and you heard it here first! Yea its me, with a new channel and you get a new sub from me! lol

    • You are the man! Appreciate all the fun comments and predictions!

  14. Luck??? Call it what ever. Well. I went to a new doctor ,went in had to go, went to restroom sat down BAM 380.00 was on floor. Lol. That note took wife to dinner and hit a fue slots BAM HIT 1750.00. took cash and ran lol. WHAT A DAY !!! ALWAYS LOOK AROUND U NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU WILL FIND !!

  15. You got a 750 dollar line hit and you werent satisfied…doofus

    • @Sunchi Adventures I can take pictures of people winning jackpots as well. If it’s live you know it’s real. If not, you don’t. So therefore it’s bullshit since it’s not live.

    • So everything in history that has occurred and you werent there is all bull?

  16. Top dollar seems to have the worst bonus hit rate. I prefer playing wheel of fortune. I can get several bonus spins on WOF.

  17. Nothing more irritating than when people are winning all around you!

    • Agreed. It makes you want play harder so you can hit something.

  18. They are real winners if they dont back to Casinos thinking the same can happen again!

  19. Too much of a high roller for me to watch!! And they lost so much!!

  20. Top dollar tells you whether to take the spin or not. Its usually on the 🤑🤑. Good luck!

  21. Same thing happened to me in Tampa. 1k offer, turned down and last offer was 625.

    • Oh man 1K offer is difficult to let go, but its not called gambling for no reason, haha.

  22. Dont you guys know if you WAIT during the offer the machine will tell you to either try again or best offer to take it?? You guys just moving without looking! Lol

    • Yes we all know the machine RECOMMENDS what to do, except we dont always do what the machine says.

  23. 8:27 was 500$ a spin as we see 1 CREDIT 500$ the payout was 85 Credit x 500$ = 42,500$ So if she was to bet 1,000$ a spin that would be 85,000$
    EH EH We can see the screen bro !! She did won 42,500$ at 500$ A SPIN NOT 1,000$ LIKE YOU SAY ( Little lie ? LOL )

    • Furthermore, how can they get the Pinball bonus if they only bet 1 credit?

      Anyone who has played Pinball knows you have to bet the MAX when a 2 credit bet is required in order to be eligible for the Pinball bonus.

    • If you look 👀 closely at right side of the machine, the credits that were bet shows the number “2”. And the couple had 2 credits left in the machine.

      $500 denomination machine with a 2 credit bet = $1000. Would you like to correct your accusation of me lying now?

  24. You really shouldn’t mislabel your headlines. People don’t like being misled and it will get you thumbs down. The Google algorithms also frown upon misleading things. There are no $1000 spins in your video there are not even images of the win… so delete that from your title.. the misleading title is why you have an over 10% thumbs down rate, the higher the negative rating of your video, the further down your content will get pushed by the algorithms that suggest it. So you’re less likely to have this video and other content of yours suggested. Knock it off.. i not only gave this video a thumbs down because of it, i went through all your content and gave all of the other misleading titles a thumbs down. No blocking me won’t get rid of the thumbs down or negative rating. I just won’t be able to comment on your content.

  25. My thoughts are that you suck so much you have to include someone elses wins!

  26. I won a billion million on 100million dollar bet and lost it all same week hooked I tell you hooked I wish I never won that 1000 dollars darn gambling to heck 🤯

  27. My buddy did a $50,000 roulette spin on red and it landed on red. I have done a few $500 spins but only because it was casino money. I still have my $10,000 bank roll from 1 1/2 years ago in an envelope labeled as Las Vegas Money Only lol. I miss my 1 week Vegas trips. Well nice video.

  28. Great Video👌 Looking forward to seeing More👍🙂🇨🇦👑

  29. Yeah, thats the way it goes. Every fucking time. I can laugh because I can afford it, otherwise I would have to cry.

    • I cry even though I can afford it😂 my paper means a lot to me lol but I also bet more than the average 18/year okd

  30. shit that was cool… $150/spin is the most Ive ever done. Money goes fast at that level.

  31. The way I see it is if they are prepared to loose then go for it. If you have rent and bills owing you are being very foolish. Thanks

  32. My lucky story is I lost my job and was living in my car and it was really hot outside and I went into the casino where I live and walked by the wheel of fortune dollar slot and someone got the spin on the last pull and didnt know what it was and walked away, I looked around to see if they were coming back and there was nobody around and I pushed the button and it landed on 750, I cashed the ticket out my hands shaking and cashed it in and left, I rented a room for two weeks and got myself cleaned up and food and got a job the next day and Ive been employed now for six months. I thank God 🙏 and I know it was an answer to my prayer the night before

    • @Darren Hanes wow…such a bullshit story…u can Not Pick money or chips off Any casino floor…try it and see what happens..you have been watching too many movies..please try it and see what happens…you WILL NOT even get close to the exit…YOU WILL BE MET BY SECURITY…in all seriousness..please dont try this…

    • The casinos rob cheat and still billions so whats everyones sang problem?! Im happy for the guy or girl that was lucky enough and blessed congrats!!!!!!!!

    • @Kimberly Gray thank you, God is so good, I cant tell you all the miracles in my life he has gave me

  33. Easy explanation as to why you didnt take the $600 – greed

    • LOL…Its part of gambling jackass
      play games of chance for money; bet.
      she was fond of gambling on cards and horses
      bet · wager · place a bet · lay a bet · stake money on something · [more]
      take risky action in the hope of a desired result.
      the British could only gamble that something would turn up
      take a chance · take a risk · take a leap in the dark · leave things to chance · [more]

  34. Congratulations on your winnings😁👏👏👏. Congratulations to that couple. Both parties agreed, took a chance, and it paid off😁

  35. A young couple gambling that kind of money was insane! I know we sure didn’t have 3000.00 to gamble and we wouldn’t have gambled 300.00 much less 3000.00. Dumb luck! Hope they didn’t get hooked!

    • To each their own . You are apparently watching the video just like is for the fun of the slots . And if you could afford 1k a spin I’m 100% positive you would too

  36. Amazing $1000 spin win would’ve loved to of watched their full ball play 🥳🎉🎈

    • Same here, I walked into the high limit room right after they hit and the energy was buzzing.

  37. Note: don’t try to gamble if you can’t afford to lose!

  38. So you literally sat there and gave the whole $750 back? Plus what you already had in the machine? 😂🤣😅

  39. Wow, that couple had 1 spin left.. how incredibly lucky and to only do three $1,000 spins

    • It was absolutely lucky, awesome they took a chance.

  40. you were betting 50 a spin and hit 36 X 25.00 you had $9000…you goober

  41. why in the hell didnt you take the $600. I didnt see you ever take the first offer.

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  43. I dont like the fact that 30% tax is paid over $1200 winnings……. Here in UK all winnings no matter how large are tax free, the government still gets its tax, the only difference is the way the tax is collected……. all bets placed have a little sliced off for tax. A couple won £160 million a few years ago, all tax free, so £160 million was paid into their bank

    • wow that is absolutely awesome, I will have to check out the UK!

  44. Hes only betting 2 dollars a spin

  45. So you’re using a young couples win to click bait people into watching this video? GARBAGE

  46. Try the Tabasco slot if your high limit room has it. $10 denom at $30 max bet. Good luck!

  47. Lol ur a gambler it’s ok not to take first offer. People that don’t understand will question

  48. Slots and fruit machines have been going backwards for years now and I am not just talking about your chances to win but more importantly the enjoyability of the game play. Hardly any features now and the ones that are there are all so similar (yawn) I dont get me started on holds & nudges!
    The way technology has advanced one would think they could meke the game play so captivating that you actually want to play for hours on end.

    • Its no longer fun when your $100 bucks last only 10 minutes on 88 cents bet. Thats how fast you lose nowadays. Thankfully I stopped playing years ago. I loved the old machines. I can play shamrock or keno for hours on $200.

    • Thanks Stacy. man I’ve been missing the slots a bit. But trying to stay safe. Just gotta each hour videos in the mean time.

    • Yes, it turned out to be a really bad decision but I picked myself back up and continued to gamble.

  49. No risk no reward it paid off for me with a huge life
    changing progressive jackpot …It happens..Congrats to them.

  50. Quit being superstitious by pushing all them buttons if theres a repeat button hit the repeat button.

  51. Obviously, if the can bet $1000 and hit…it’s going to be a big win!

    • Apparently this young couple where it paid dividends for them.

  52. good video. For the Top Dollar machine, it typically pays the best (1000 credits) on the 1st or 4th offer. A good rule to keep in mind with the offers is take anything over 50 credits especially if its offer 2 or 3 — so for a $5 machine, take at $250+ and for a $10 machine take at $500+ — doing this keeps you in the game longer and increases the odds of getting that coveted $1000 (x2) or (x4) depending on the version you are playing.

    • the other thing with Top Dollar , the bonuses come in clusters. I remember playing this machine and getting 60 bonus games in a matter of 4 hours. typically you will go through a stretch with zero bonus games then all the sudden get 3,4, 5 in a row. Ive seen 11 bonus games in 25 spins before. You should be able to get the bonus once every 40 to 50 spins but thats an average so try to find the wave and ride it up 🙂

  53. Omg stop pulling the handle !! You totally mess up the machine 🤦🏻‍♀️

  54. 1K a spin, as long as it is casino money your spending!

    • most of the time yes it is to draw you in to play

  55. Lets put it this way, if that young couple has enough dough to play 1000 dollars a spin for 3 times they aint going home to a double wide.

  56. Well, you did great, you flashed by so quickly, I couldnt read their win, and you never said how much it was…👎 Boo, thumb down on this one.

  57. Very entertaining and fun to watch. Thanks for posting this.

  58. Best slot player saying that would have been 4 grand….its and buts were candy and nuts we all would have a great Christmas…lol….keep swinging!!!!

  59. I like your videos, its upclose to the machine. Feels like Im there. Good luck

  60. NG is so much better…too much cutting away. Seems like if you didnt win we would of never of known.

    • Dude watch my other videos, plenty of losing happening, seriously.

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