Turları Apartment kayıttan sonra slot makineleri bahis hesaplama

Kayıttan Sonra Casino Bonusu – Slot makineleri, Türkiye’de etkileyici sayılar | US DIPLOMA

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  1. Stop playing these high bets MG youre gonna give me a heart attack!!

    • 😉 Sorry about that Sam!! Just keeping you on your toes ~m&g

  2. Lol!! Yeah the machine slappers are super annoying! 👋🏻

  3. Tough session. Thanks for showing the max bet spins. Shame on those piggies and wolf!

  4. I cracked up when you said oh no we have a slapper!😂😂

    • Glad you appreciated that comment Gwendolyn 😉 Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  5. Wow that was painful. I wish the best next time with the 250 dollar spins. That bonus 🤢 🤮 lol

    • We cannot film craps… Thank you for watching and glad you enjoy the blackjack! ~m&g

    • MGSlots 21 awesome ty! that’d be a fun live stream if they do😉 love the black jack content. thx for the entertainment!

    • I have to be honest I have never looked but will on next trip. we only play slots and Blackjack

  6. Darn machine😧😧😧 Should have been better💜

    • Next time will definitely be better 🤞🏻! Thanks for watching Rene! ~m&g

  7. Thank you for this amazing video of my favorite slot 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  8. I don’t know a lot about slot machines but for heaven sake!!!!! You are making 250.00 bets you think hitting the bonus you would get paid back a pretty penny and all you got was ripped off!! Puff and poo 💩.sheesh brutal. I still enjoyed because I am learning!! Thank you for your videos!! 💙👍🏻

    • Glad we showed you a bad side of bit betting!! Thank you for watching Janice!~m&g

  9. Ultra high limit play for this one! 💰 holy smokes does it go fast when you are betting $100-$250 a spin. Thanks for the fun video. Big hits are coming 🔥🔥🔥

  10. That was a shocker…No more to be said! ……Thanks for posting…..

  11. Thanks for sharing the truth about gambling your one of the few….2 thumbs up cheers and stay healthy and safe

  12. I like Huff n Tough! Thanks for sharing! You get um bigger next time!!!

  13. Thanxs Mark & Gretch , I thought for sure u would get a better bonus on $250.00 s a spin ! Gettum next time !(!)! Stay Safe!(!)!

  14. I want these coins, I am following you . Tunisia

  15. Please let me know if you guys make it to Miami hard rock?

    • We will definitely let our viewers know! Right now we havent been approved to film there. 🤞🏻~m&g

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Esther!! Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  16. I hate slappers! These are the same clowns that go to the casino and bitch about why the buttons don’t work.

    • 🤣 They dont realize they are the ones breaking the buttons! Thanks for watching Scott! ~m&g

  17. lt should not be hard to get the hard hats for big wins while you try so hard 😄. That was a really bad bonus for 250 a smack. Thanks for the video MG. Good luck!🤗

  18. Hello MG, thanks for the video. I agree with u about the slippers. I think they may have hit on doing that and think that it works. 🤣🤣. Have a wonderful safe day. Congratulations on the handpay.

    • Hi Rhonda! Thank you for watching and have a great day too! ~m&g

  19. Why you recording it? Well we film the action for the Illuminati, but don’t tell anyone.

  20. WOW $250 bonus that was brutal. Sorry it wasnt more. Love watching your videos.

  21. Don’t like this game at all. I haven’t seen it in Vegas. Too difficult to get the bonus rounds.

    • It used to pay all the time with bonuses, but not anymore 😡. Thanks for watching! Sheila!~m&g

  22. They were goin to town slappin that machine! hahaha wtf

    • Slappers certainly do get carried away sometimes 🤣. Thanks for watching Brian! ~m&g

  23. Slappers should be asked to leave or pay for the damaged buttons.

    • They should definitely pay for the damaged buttons 👍🏻! 🥂~m&g

    • We would never want to ruin someones gambling experience even though it annoys us to no end! ~m&g

  24. Much like the slappers there is a guy at the Encore in Boston that has broken multiple handles from pulling aggressively!?!?

  25. Always a class act and thanks for the great video as always !!

    • Glad you enjoyed the video Anthony! Thanks for watching! 🥂~m&g

  26. Tough session MG. But it was awesome to watch. 👍🍀😀

    • Hopefully it comes around next time 🤞🏻! Thank you for watching Marianne! ~m&g

  27. I hate button slappers. Hard rock Cincinnati its nothing but button slappers. And thats why the buttons never work. Its annoying. I honestly think casinos need to make that a rule where theres no button slapping just because it does damage the machine . Idk just my thought. What do you think?

    • Its a great idea but the casinos would probably get tons of pushback like they do when they ban smoking! 🥂~m&g

  28. Oh Mark, when you said We have a slapper, i lost my shit. That was hilarious. They sounded like they were really getting into that button! Hahaha.
    Such a brutal session. Im sorry guys. I love watching Huff n puff but when its not giving line hits, its a brutal machine.

    • It really can be brutal when it doesnt cooperate 😡! Thanks for watching Elisha! ~m&g

  29. On these games I notice slowing down spins and restarting the session with cash helps. So say, 4 sessions at $2500.00 cash only, not tickets. Seems to give an edge. Thank you for the video 😉 best e.

  30. You win some, you lose some. Still a great video. My all time favorite game. Good luck. Have a great weekend!😊😊😊😊😊

    • Thats the reality of gambling! Thanks for tuning in Charlotte! ~m&g

    • @MG21 yup.. you win some
      You lose some..
      In my case, especially my wife
      We loses most of the time..lol

  31. M&G… come to the mountains of NC! In Cherokee and Calkey River! It’s beautiful at Fall!

  32. Congratulations on the 2 handpays and as usual thanks for sharing 😁👍👍👍👍👍👍😍

  33. Max bet at 250 per spin the odd of the bonus payout is far more harder to land on good reel.


  35. Thanks for the brutal reality check on your dreams AND ours. Really wanted to see you win.

    • 🤞 that next time is better! Thank you for watching Ron! ~m&g

  36. Never seen anyone bet $250.00 per spin. That was high limit!

    • That was a big hit in the pocket with that big bet bonus😳 ~m&g

  37. Surprisingly Mark there is some people that don’t know YouTube exist 😯😯

  38. I think the casinos are not paying like they used to, because theyre waiting for the second wave of COVID to close them down again

    • They already closed 2 casinos down in Wisconsin. North Star and I forgot the other one

    • Youre probably right.. Lets hope nothing shuts down and the casinos have to start paying again! 🤞🏻~m&g

  39. That machine acted like a military slot machine. Really poor returns on max bet.

  40. Money is so relative. I pay just under 10k a year in rent. Amazing.

  41. Thanks for the chance to see max bet gambling on slots – very exciting! Good luck always!

  42. Do another $250 max bet session on lock it link night life please!!! Great job!

  43. There’s a high limit rooms and there should be a sound proof rooms for slappers!

  44. Adding insults to the injury with many :$125 straw houses for a $250/spin bonus. Sucks!

    • Hate when you get less than your bet 😡 Thanks for watching though! ~m&g

  45. I confess Im a button slapper only when the machine teases me lol. That being said. At least you didnt lose all 10k. Thats something

    • Andrew, to each its own! Good luck always. Thanks for watching M&G 💫🌟

  46. Damn, this machine means business, massive grand and major. Nice vid as usual, damn that bonus!! 😅

    • So much $$$ waiting there for someone! Too bad it wasnt for us this time…..Thanks for watching! ~m&g

  47. Im not a slot player so what do the 10c 20c denomination do?

    • The different denominations change the amount you can bet and the number of pay lines … ~m&g

  48. Thats not even slapping thats flat out assault. Cant stand all the cracked n stuck buttons at mgm now. Youll bef sitting there trying to get it to make a spin then itll auto fast spin then require multiple taps to get it going again. Ive been starting to ask them why and the answers ive recieved range from it makes the bonuses bigger🤔 👨🏼‍💻👨‍🔬🕵️‍♂️🤦‍♂️to fck off ill hit it as hard as i want lol

    • 🤦🏼‍♀️ Dont know what to say to that LOL! 🥂~m&g

  49. Yes 😰250 dollar spins should have been epic hand pay MG. They even had a couple of 125 dollar wins that in my opinion shouldn’t be in there when betting 250 a spin. Love your videos ❤️🍀🍀🍀and love when you call out those slappers 🙄🤣😂. Stay healthy guys

  50. Damn damn damn – $250 bonus and 💩- glad you got the bonus but I’m sorry it was a letdown – thank you for another great video

    • Youre welcome and thank you for watching. 🤞🏻 for a better outcome next time! ~m&g

  51. The button slapper was still worse than that last bonus, still a great video though!

  52. Why are you recording it?
    Why do you give a fu**? Oops I mean. Its for youtube.

  53. He guys went to our local today l played Huff and Puff!!! Won $500.00 watching you guys really pays off. Thanks for great teachings

  54. Those slappers are so ridiculous and so disrespectful. I was at my local casino and they had to ask two guys to stop because they were breaking the buttons. So crazy!

    • We have never seen anyone get asked to stop slapping by casino employees. So glad they did though! ~m&g

  55. I cant believe you got the $250 spin! That would be a bucket list item for me. So sorry it didnt pay out as it should. Thanks for the great video. Love this game. ❤️

    • Youre welcome and glad you enjoyed seeing the $250 spin bonus. We will get it to pay eventually 🤞🏻~m&g

  56. Dang Brother .. i feel your pain.. when i saw this Youtube vid pop up on your channel i couldnt wait to watch.. almost as if it was my own play because I love this game… The other day I had two $25 max bet bonuses on it here in Kansas and only paid like $400ish… Then I went to $15 and got right in and was thinking oh boy.. wow.. only $175ish… So i cashed out put $100 in on $7.50 max bet pennies and hit $1006.. so i let her sit and came back.. could even bonus it for 4 hours of on and off playing.. wow … So tonight I come in to play and wow. A lady in 1 hour betting $15-$25 dime denom had 6 taxables anywhere from $1400 up to $2800.. talk about timing it and a huge profit for her of over 10K Thanks for sharing ur vids they are always a thrill..Mike

    • It really is all about timing with the slots. 🍀🍀🍀 for next time and thank you for watching! ~m&g

  57. Hi MG! Hope you’ll win lots of BiG BUCKS this session! Gooood luck!

  58. Dang $250 not working out. Better luck next time, Mark. H & P is sucking now, TBH.

    • Huff has been bad since we got the grand! 😡 Thank you for tuning in Dylan! ~m&g

  59. Oh my gosh that was the worst butt clencher so far. Hope you hit the big one.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Big bets = butt clenching 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for watching Sherri! ~m&g

  60. Another good video, even when you loose, you win. That is why I use your style of playing sessions. I just arrived at Delta Downs in Lake Charles Louisiana, drove from Pearland, Texas. Im staying here, have $500 free play here and at Golden Nugget. Golden Nugget is having a poker and blackjack card tournament, I am interested in learning to play. Wish me luck, playing the 9 lines and lighting links in high rollers plus some golf.😷😎🏌⛳💰💰

    • That is awesome! Sounds like a great weekend plan! Good luck Perry 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀~m&g

  61. I cant imagine doing $250 a spin! So sorry it didnt work out for you. Better luck next time Mark💕🍷

  62. That last session you did for $250/spin I felt it in my bones that the computer would lock down the amount of houses you would get. But overall to finish at over $4000 isnt really too bad, though I was really expecting at least $10,000- $25,000!
    The computer algorithm decided to just cap the payout to bare minimum so as to lock in profits for itself.
    Btw several times Ive seen while the machine attendants opens the machine to check & verify plays and payouts, I managed to see the Gross Lifetime Intake and Gross Lifetime Payout on several machines. Without calling any name of any game in particular (you would immediately recognize them), but the intake to payout ratios is about 3:1
    Congrats again on a excellent winning session Mark!

    • SO much info in both your comments here @oculos… VERY interesting!!! Thanks for taking the time to post them! ~m&g

    • @willie I tell other players, The payouts and Jackpots you win on these machines are not from funds from the casino. Its actually the $$$ from losses from the other poor suckers that the machine previously cleaned out and it suddenly (randomly) decided to pay out something because its legally required to do so!
      There the classic case in Las Vegas a few yrs back on the 3 reels slots and the 1st & 2nd reel had many JACKPOT characters while the 3rd reel had only 1. This led to many people playing these machines very hard and losing very badly, as they were led to believe the jackpot was very close, since they saw the many instances of the first 2 Jackpot reels lining up.
      The players complained to the Gambling Commission who demanded that they adjust the reels so that it wasnt too deceptive.
      I can write a book about these things, but I choose not to.

    • Thx for the info. Yes, the pig will not spit out $ until it is well fed regardless the bonus rounds are due to arrive. Damn the machines. Love it hate it. We can not seem to stay away from them when we are in the casino.

  63. Mark did you just say that you win the grand at MGM? how long ago did that happen – can u link a video or let me know when or the title of it so I can search your library 😊

  64. Worst $250 bonus ever. Should have been $10K at least! So sad watching you lose. Better luck next time Mark!! Love you guys!

    • We agree, should have been MUCH better! Thanks for watching Rico! ~m&g


    • IT was definitely a huff n poof session this time…. Thank you for the luck for next time Wayne!~m&g

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